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Q. What is this renovation for?

A. This renovation will include a complete remodel of the entire electrical system in the building as well as removing the weight from the ceiling of the stage and auditorium by relocating existing infrastructure from the ceiling to ground built truss systems. This will reduce the weight on the building and lengthen the life of the stage facilities and auditorium.

Q. What is included in the renovation?

A. The complete removal and reinstallation of all electrical systems, stage curtains, lighting rigs and an upgrade to current stage lighting equipment.

Q. Why is this needed?

A. This project is needed to ensure the longevity of the theater and the facilities used by Parke Players, the community, and the addition of the proper utilities to be able to invite traveling groups and acts into the community for affordable entertainment for years to come.

Q. Who is doing this project? Is it the Ritz Theater or Parke Players?

A. Parke Players, Incorporated are the owners of the Ritz Theater. Parke Players, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization meaning we are a not-for-profit organization. The Parke Players goal is to bring affordable entertainment to the communities we serve as well as community involvement through our four stage productions throughout the year.

Q. Why is the goal $500,000.00?

A.Our goal of $500,000.00 was created due to the nature of the project and the extensive work that will need to take place to remove 111 years of wiring and replace it bringing the entire building back up to current codes. Parke Players along with contractors and professional theatrical groups have gone through extensive research to be able put together the most affordable package keeping in mind public safety, goals of the theater and the longevity of the building and equipment needed to continue with the purpose of the Ritz Theater and Parke Players. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the Ritz Theater is open and operational for another 111 years of family fun and memories for all involved with the theater.

Q. I can’t afford to donate enough for a plaque on the wall, can I still help?

A. Absolutely! No amount of donation is too small to help with this project. Pennies add up to dollars and dollars add up to the end goal. 

Q. How can I donate?

A. Donations can be made a few different ways:

     1. Click Here to submit a donation online via Credit or              Debit Card

     2. Donations can be mailed to:

                 Parke Players, Inc.

                P.O. Box 254

               Rockville, Indiana 47872

     3. Donations are also accepted during normal business            hours at the theater.

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